Who is National Driver Training?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, National Driver Training® is the leading driver education provider assisting in legislation designed to keep our teens and roads safe. National Driver Training is the first state approved online program offering driver training solutions to meet the needs of teens, adults and corporations.

The NDT Difference

National Driver Training® is like no other drivers education program you may be considering. We are dedicated to making the American road a safer place for all of us. Our award-winning curriculum, live lectures, video presentations, online training and test-taking and behind-the-wheel training have made us a force in the industry since 1998 when we first opened our doors.

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Nationally Recognized

We are nationally recognized for the seriousness with which we take driver safety. Legislators come to us to request our input on laws under consideration. We have, in fact, played a decisive role in the laws governing the training and licensing of new drivers in 28 states. Our team members have been invited to speak at motor vehicle safety conferences, to provide articles for national publications, and to supply data for traffic safety studies. We truly live what we teach, and it makes a difference.

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State Testing

National Driver Training offers In-car State testing at our headquarters in Lakeway, Texas and at our Colorado facility in Colorado Springs. Visit our State Testing Page

Why Parent Involvement is so Important

Your presence in the car during the practice period will do more to ensure your young driver's survival than any seat belt or air bag.

Practice makes perfect, no matter what the skill. This is especially true of driving where the smallest “rookie mistake” can have dire consequences. As parents, you have a critical role in the process by making that all-important practice period possible. The longer young drivers practice, the safer they'll become and the more ingrained their good driving habits will be when peer pressure inevitably comes hitching a ride.

Driver Instructor showing Student Driver driving test
Driver Instructor showing Student Driver driving test

Parent Power

We believe so much in the power of the parent that we worked directly with senators and representatives all around the nation to establish parents' right to instruct their own teens. These efforts have resulted in pro-parent legislation in 28 states and counting.

While others aim to be the fastest and easiest, we have maintained our commitment to safety and saving lives. Teaching to the status quo at a time when both the risk factors and accident rates of young drivers are on the rise is morally unacceptable to us and a result, we believe we have a program that employs the best method for your family to develop a new driver.

So while we recognize this huge milestone can come with some angst, we encourage you to be present in the process. Use this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your teen. Remember that acquiring permission to drive is a huge step in all of our lives. Being there with your teen at this time can be one of the best gifts you could give to one-another.

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Our Curriculum

here are seven levels to the curriculum, providing over 30 hours of accreditation. Each lesson concludes with a written examination (which can be taken repeatedly if necessary to achieve the desired score).

The student also accrues class hours by participating in hands-on activities. These are projects designed to bring the student out of the “theoretical” and into the “practical” and include such activities as tire rotation, oil changes and research on current events. Each level also assigns the student a video presentation covering the topics laid out in the coursework. For an example of our video assignments, check out Understanding Car Crashes, a great video that explains the physics of a crash.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 (32 in Texas) hours-worth of coursework and achieve a test score of 90% or more to qualify for a completion certificate.

We're pleased to offer the flexibility students need to fit us into their busy lives. Our online courses make it possible to study at your own pace any time of the day or night.